Copper Structured Cabling Solution Flexible, efficient, high-performance solutions for enterprise, data center and commercial applications

A copper cabling system is designed to interconnect servers and other pieces of IT equipment to form the communications network. Cables House provides premium quality and cost-effective cabling solution and products that enable small businesses, large enterprises, or data centers to migrate to high-performance, reliable, future-proof cabling infrastructure.

High Reliability

All products meet or even exceed the internationally recognized industrial standards like ISO9001, RoHS, Reach.

Quick Installation

Structured cabling and panel management ensure easy installation and flexible connectivity.

Strong Flexibility

Grow with your business and easy to add more workstations or hardware as you need.

Structured Cabling Solutions for Commercial Offices

Copper cabling solution is mostly used in vertical wiring system and horizontal cabling system, it can support the transmission requirements of data, voice, graphics
and images, etc.

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Belden Cable
Belden AX101065

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