Belden Equivalent Cable / Belden Equal Wire & Cable

Cables House stocks a large range of Belden Equivalent cable available in both PVC and LSZH. The Belden Equivalent Cable is suitable for applications such as Audio, Instrumentation, Computer data networking, CCTV, KNX, Security and ELV systems. Alternative cable brands Ramcro, Paige, Bt, B3 and West Penn.

Belden Equivalent Cable

Cables House is a leading supplier of Belden alternative cable, also called Belden equals wire or Belden equal cable. Cables House can supply various types of equivalent cable and wire to brand names, both stock and custom, in various AWG sizes, voltage ratings, compounds, shielding constructions, and conductor counts. Cables House can also recommend the correct Belden equivalent cable for specific applications.

What is Belden Equivalent Cable or Belden Equal Wire?

An equivalent to an Belden cable is a cable that has the same electrical and physical properties as the brand name, Belden in this case. Essentially the fit, form and function of the cable would be the same as a Belden product.

Benefits of Belden alternative or Equivalent Cable

The main benefit of using an Belden equivalent cable is significant cost reduction compared to the brand name. In many instances, a Cables House -supplied Belden equivalent will be a fraction of the cost of the brand name cable or wire. Another benefit would be the availability of an equivalent, and in some cases smaller minimum order quantities. The end result is a wire that can help reduce costs and still function as it was designed to.

Cables House Differentiators / Advantages for Belden Equivalent Cable

The main advantage of working with Cables House to identify an equivalent to an Belden cable or wire is its ability to procure a cost effective solution. Aside from the significant cost savings, Cables House is able to identify if the current cable or wire is the best solution for the application.

Common Belden Equivalent Cable Part Numbers

The following table lists many typically used Belden equivalent cable part numbers, including the popular Belden new generation and classic cables such as 5500UE, 5500FE, 5501UE, 5501FE, 5502UE, 5502FE, 5300UE, 5300FE, 5200UE, 5200FE, 5100UE, 5100FE, 5000UE, 5000FE, 5302FE, 5302UE, 5301UE, 5301FE, 5304UE, 5304FE, 5400UE, 5400FE, 5202FE, 5506UE, 5506FE, 5504UE, 5504FE, 5220FME, 4500UE, 4300UE, 4300FE, 4200UE, 4200FE, 1502R, 1505A, 7965E, 2412D, 2424D, 9575, 9913, 7806A, 1314SB, 9451, 9451SB, 1694A, 9116, 8723, 8761, 8760, 8471, 9575, 9841, 9842, 9740, 8770, 8771, 8772, 7701NH, 7702NH, 7703NH, 27615A, 1030A, 1032A, 1069A, 10GX24, 10XE02, 10GB24, 10GXE00, 3105A, 3107A, 3079A and many other Belden part numbers are available as equivalent.

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