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Control cables are multi-conductor cables used in automation and instrumentation applications. Control cables can measure and regulate transmissions of automated processes. Control cables are often UL rated. Control cables typically are shielded with a foil shield, braid shield or combination of the two.

YY cable (YSLY / HSLH) Versatile unscreened or unshielded cable suitable for most situations where there is only light mechanical stress

CY cable (YSLCY / HSLCH) Multicore screened flexible cable with Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETP) for electromagnetic interference free-transmission

SY cable (YSLYSY / HSLHSH) Flexible shielded cable with galvanised steel wire braid for additional mechanical protection

LiYCY cable Screened and shielded cable for applications where moderate mechanical stress and electromagnetic screening is required

LiYY cable Unscreened and unshielded cable for light duty in dry and humid environments

LiHH cable Unscreened LSZH low capacitance control

LiHCH cable Screened LSZH data transmission cable

Application: Suitable for connections for Control Circuits, Communication Systems, Electrical Panels, Machine Tools, etc. Also used for lighting at lower loads.

Types and Sizes: Up to 24 pairs/cores from 0.5 to 10 sq. mm.

Conductor: Copper – Solid, Stranded (Circular) or Flexible – Bare or Tinned

Insulation: PVC – Type A, Type C, Polyetheylene, XLPE

Inner Sheath: PVC – ST1, HR, FR, FRLS, LSZH

Armour: Galvanized Steel Wire / Strip / Tape

Outer Sheath: PVC, HR, FR, FRLS, LSZH

Specification: IS: 1554 (Pt-I), IS: 7098 (Pt-I), IEC: 60502-1, BS: 5467, BS: 6346

Brands: RR cable, Lapp cable, Ramcro, Sanka, Nexans, MESC, Seecab, Helukabel, 2m kablo and  Belden control cable Supplier in Dubai-UAE

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