British Cable Company

BT Cables (BCC Cable) is a market-leading manufacturer and supplier of cabling for security applications. Its facility in Manchester-United Kingdom makes and supplies cable products for clients worldwide.

The company utilize real customer feedback to ensure that our products and solutions deliver the best outcomes for our clients. Our winning combination of industry knowledge and business skills will provide you with tailored and highly valuable service.

British cable company offers a range of cables for security applications which includes:

Building Management system cables (Bms)

CCTV: Closed Circuit Television

SMATV: Satellite Master Antenna Television

CATV: Central Antenna Television

HDTV: High-definition television

Telecom and networking: a number of special cable constructions.

Cables for building infrastructure systems

BT Cables has expanded its product portfolio by introducing a range of cables for building infrastructure systems.

The range of new products from BT Cables has been accompanied by the launch of a series of brand names that are registered trademarks. Designed for ease of association with the product application the brand names will make them instantly recognizable as cables that offer complete peace of mind and excellent value for money. Cables House is Ginuine and Trusted Bt cables supplier and stockiest in Dubai-UAE

The products are branded as follows:

BT BMS-Tec ®

BT Data-Tec ®

BT Firepro-Tec ®

BT Industrial-Tec ®

BT Security-Tec ®

BT Optical-Tec ®

BT Voice-Tec ®

The new products complement perfectly BT Cables’ traditional product range.

The company now offers solutions for access control, security and intelligent building systems.

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