Audio connectors are terminated with conductive cable to transfer electrical signals between audio devices. A variety of audio connectors exist on consumer audio devices and musical equipment, usually for transferring analog audio. Cables House is Audio Connector supplier in Dubai.

Typical types of connectors include RCA connectors used to transfer the video (yellow) and audio (red, white) between entertainment equipment such as DVD players、 TV’s and home A/V devices, XLR Connector and 1/4″ stereo JACK plug found on microphone cables mixing desk、microphone ect. 1/4″ mono JACK plug found on guitar, 1/8″ mini-jack plug is now very common place due to rise of MP3 players and smartphones featuring this size of headphone output jack. and Speaker Connector is suitable for connections between power amplifiers and passive speakers. Ethernet Connectors are used to terminate cables used for computer networking technologies such as local area networks (LANs).  PowerCon connector was manufactured by Neutrik with the purpose of connecting mains power to electrical equipment in a safer more compact manner.

XLR Connector

XLR Connector

JACK Connector

Mini JACK Connector

RCA Connector

BNC Connector

Speakon Connector

Powercon Connector & Powercon true1 Connector

XLR Connector

Ethercon Connector


Binding Post Plug

Banana Plug

MultiPin connector

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