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As a leading manufacturer of copper and optical fibre cables, B3 International provides the foundations for telecommunications and global connectivity. As we continue to move through an age of technological innovation, the demand for improved communication networks, industrial environments and building management is constantly growing. We are committed to designing and delivering a host of innovative new services and solutions that meet the increasing demands of our technological age and that will enable us to competitively enter more demanding markets. Through years of cultivated experience and expertise, our World Class manufacturing operations based in Europe meet the demands of a Global supply chain. B3 International continue to market and deliver a broad range of products and we pride ourselves on being a superior high quality manufacturer of cables across the Globe. B3 International manufacture and supply an extensive range of quality approved cables, these include: Paired Cables, Multi Conductor Cables, Fire Alarm Cables, Fire Resistant Cables, Coaxial Cables, Data Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Optical Fiber Cables and Connectivity.

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B3 Cables
B3 C1014
2 CONDUCTOR 18 AWG UN-SHIELDED, B3 CABLE-- (Equivalent to Paige 455300ue)
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