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Televes is a worldwide technology company specializing in the design, development and manufacture of telecommunication infrastructure solutions for homes, buildings and cities.

Its headquarters are located in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), where the company was founded in 1958. Nowadays, Televes is the head of a corporation formed by more than 20 industrial and service companies, has more than 700 employees and 75 invention patents. Televes has 11 international subsidiaries covering Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Poland, Scandinavia, Russia, United States, China and United Arab Emirates, and it makes its products available in more than 100 countries over 5 continents, by using its extended distributor network.

With nearly 60 years of experience, Televes has launched more than 1,500 different products, an achievement explained by the authentic passion for manufacturing. The company manufactures in its own facilities to guarantee maximum quality. It's also a pioneer in setting up 4.0 production lines with its own certification and quality control laboratories. In this way, our products proudly display the European Technology Made in Europe label.

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